Slap and Two Hands Rock

Sobre o DVD

This video class is divided into two parts:

SLAP - Ways of playing, interval application in pop (pluck) double-stop and utilization of scales and ghost notes used in SLAP exemplified in licks, rhythms and rock styles.

TWO-HANDS - provides exercises and tips of application with the main patterns of playing the instrument, including ideas and concepts of “GUITAR-ORIENTED-TAPPING.” Everything is played on the bass.

The video is also filled with moments of Zuzo playing three songs from his CD, “EXPRESS” (all three songs performed with his two-neck bass), a long demonstration of “SLAP,” and one of “TWO-HANDS” (both with a common 4-strings bass following the video's class concept). There is also a final improvisation where he shows versatility of changing ideas in improvisation on the fretless, country ideas on the bass, and chords in the right hand and melody with the left on the fretless at the same time besides the grooves.

Zuzo Moussawer™ - 2015