Raízes e Influências


About the CD

The “RAÍZES X INFLUÊNCIAS” CD was released in November 2000. Unlike the “EXPRESS” CD where all the songs were composed in a world of rock guitar and with reference to initial ideas composed on the double neck bass, this album was created in a more acoustic and percussive universe.

The CD has some conceptual questions and musical values questioning mixing Brazilian and Arabic music with American music. It featured guest musician Alexandre Blanc on guitar.

On this album, Zuzo plays piccolo in addition to the low, conventional four strings bass, acoustic bass, drums, guitars, percussion, and piano.

  • Zuzo Moussawer
  • 2000
  • Zuzo, Alexandre Blanc, Mauro Hector, Alexandre Reis, Pablo Silva, Duda Neves, Plínio Romero, Robertinho Silva, Thiago Cerveira, David Richards, Sami Khouri, Anderson Rocha, Flávio Medeiros, José Simonian
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